Record Store Day

If you’re reading this I don’t need to tell you that it is Record Store Day on Saturday. In fact, so much has been written about RSD all over the place that I don’t need to add anything to those who have described, analysed and supported this event so well, other than to say that it is A Good Thing, helping to keep independent music retailers in business and revenue flowing to artists, and reminding people that music isn’t just something that goes on in the background, for free.

While I won’t be getting up at 3am to queue for rarities, I’ll still be heading down to Berwick Street in Soho earlyish on Saturday to check out what’s happening and catch the bands playing there, and to see if any of the stock is left by the time I arrive. In particular, I’m hoping that there will still be a copy of the Robyn Hitchcock 12 inch and the Wire vinyl (they’re playing too).

We can hope, can’t we?



  1. I think I’ve been put off from going to Manchester having seen pictures of the queues from last year. I was thinking it looked like people were camping out so it’s nice to know that people really were there ain the early hours as it means I would be wasting my time chasing a rare release.

    1. Indeed – and there are always lots of comments on the blogs etc about record dealers turning up early, scooping the good finds and then putting them on eBay for a preposterous markup. I still think its a good thing, despite these gripes, and I send big love to all those record fans who set their alarm clocks early and make a real sacrifice for something they really love (and to the shops themselves of course!)

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