Did anyone fall so slowly in love as you?

Hard on the heels of my far too brief Record Store Day post comes the news that the wonderful Darren Hayman, he of Hefner and latterly a solo artist, is preparing a special EP for RSD13, made up of Henrietta Marie, a highlight from his 2012 opus The Violence, bolstered with three new tracks.

There’s also a rather lovely video to accompany the EP’s lead track.

As you’d expect from someone whose weary yet roving eye has led him to write songs about British holidays, the resolutely unglamorous Essex town of Harlow, open air swimming pools and, latterly, a series of witch trials that took place in Essex in the 17th Century, the new EP’s subject matter is intriguing.

Titled Four Queens, the songs deal with the French wife of Charles I (the aforementioned Henrietta Marie), as well as Lady Jane Grey, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Elizabeth I.

As if that weren’t enough, Hayman is also taking up a monthly residency at London’s Vortex jazz club. There will be 12 monthly shows in all, with the first taking place on 11 July.

Good times!


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