Rezzett: Rezzett EP, Trilogy Tapes 12″

This latest slab of dank techno from Trilogy Tapes is enervating stuff. It’s dance music from another universe, one where the sun has gone out and entropy has sucked all but the last vestiges of heat and light from the galaxy.

The two tracks on side A, ‘Firebomb’ and ‘Sutty’ buzz like posse of broken down robots. ‘Firebomb’ is a surly, angry bastard, its insistent growling and hissing getting under my skin and making my brain throb. ‘Sutty’ brings the funk, albeit a decayed, rusting version. Distorted bass squelches over a slow Detroit-style beat as a plaintive synth line wails through the murk. The machine finally runs out of juice after five minutes, decaying to radioactive sludge.

The other side is just one extended track, ‘Yayla’. It lures us in with a trippy, hypnotic wave form, which is quickly overlaid with more corroded, pulsating gloop. It makes my stylus sound completely fucked, as does a drum pattern that sounds like someone has carved a massive gouge in my vinyl. By the time the tinny hi-hit comes in I’m swaying in my chair like brainwashed loon.

Out there.

Rezzett: Rezzett EP (TTT012) is available from 


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