Hong Kong experimental: the story continues

One of the really great things about meeting musicians and writing about them is staying in touch with them after the piece has been written, and seeing how their careers and lives carry on once you’ve dropped out of the picture.

And so it was, after my trip to Hong Kong to meet some of that city’s experimental musicians and artists for a short profile in The Wire magazine back in July. I particularly remember musician, writer and curator of Re-Records, Dennis Wong, telling me that he was hoping to restart his label, which had been inactive for several of years.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, a package dropped through my letterbox which proved that Dennis was serious about his plans. A whole bunch of Re-Records discs, old and new, to slake my thirst for noisy, electronic and improvised sounds from the region.

Here they are:


Top of the pile was a new CD from Dennis’s ‘Sin:Ned’ alias. Titled ‘Organs Without Body’, it consists of four intense noise pieces, recorded live in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macau during  2012 and 2013.

Also included were two of Re-Records’ limited edition ‘50’ series. ‘Memory Lost/Machine Lost’ is a solo live electronic noise and guitar improvisation from Sin:Ned, and ‘This Is Not Of Our Sickness’ is a collaboration between Dennis and Macau’s e:ch. Both are good, gritty, headachy stuff.

Something I was very keen to get my hands on was South Korean-based, German-born multimedia experimentalist Alfred 23 Harth’s ‘As Yves Drew A Line. Estate.’ From what I’ve heard so far, this is a cracking piece of work, melding ambient sounds, stuttering electronics and processed free improvisation into a haunting and evocative mixture of sound.

There were lots more to get my ears round, as the picture shows. Claudio Rocchetti and Klaus Janek’s processed field recordings, ‘Hong Kong Pavilion’, looks a treat, and others by dj sniff and T. Mikawa & .es will, I’m sure, open my old brain right out.

Look out for more thoughts on these mind-bending records in the coming weeks.

A big shout out to Dennis for sorting this out for me.  Thanks man!


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