D’incise: 1CYM / 2CYM

Wasted Capital Since 2013
WC7, C60 cassette, edition of 50

D’incise is an alter ego of electro-acoustic artist Lauren Peter. Based in Geneva, he runs the INSUB label and is one half of Diatribes (the other half being Cyril Bondi). Recent solo efforts under the D’incise moniker include Ilhas, a composition for snare drum and loudspeakers and the gurgling wonder of his im/permeability release on Consumer Waste.

This release sees D’incise subjecting cymbal sounds to all sorts of electronic jiggery-pokery. He stretches, tugs, twists and shines his source material, removing the cymbal’s distinctive hiss and transforming it into luminous, soft-hued drones and ominous, grainy rumbles.

On his website, D’incise says he “tends to extract the most tiny details of the elements, appreciates slowness and obsessive explorations of simple processes.” That’s a pretty good summary of what’s going on here, yet despite the economy of this approach, the results are both entrancing and unnerving.

There are two long pieces – 1CYM and 2CYM – each comprising a set of shorter variations. 1CYM sees Peter experimenting with the low end very effectively, creating a crackling sound bed that slowly gives way to almost sub-woofer hums. These are succeeded by a series of mysterious tones that seem to like vast alien presences in the sky, the crackle and hum only accentuating their eerie weightlessness.

There’s a lot going on here. Peter’s treatment of his source material yields up hidden sounds and new textures, conjuring up a range of moods and atmospheres. At times there’s a kind of sun blasted drowsiness that ebbs and flows, reminiscent of The Necks’ Aether. At others, a chilly austerity, the drones taking on the frozen chill of deep space.

On 2CYM, things are more earth-bound. There are grittier, mechanical-sounding throbs and rattles. Occasional disembodied clangs and metallic scrapings are the closest we get to hearing the ‘real’ cymbal sounds. The long drones are back but this time they’re headach-ey, pitched to unsettle. Tones overlap and bleed into one another, a fraction away from dissonant harshness. The hypnagogic bliss and sci-fi frisson of Side 1 are long gone.

This is an impressive release. Across the two sides of this cassette, D’incise balances meditative warmth with dissonant alienation. Ineffable and mysterious, these pieces conjure up rich sound worlds that transcend the utilitarian nature of their production.


C60 cassette, edition of 50, available from Wasted Capital since 2013

D’insice website


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