Katie Gately: Pipes

A recent discovery, thanks to The Quietus’ mid-year faves list. I’ll leave it to TQ’s Tristan Bath to described the heady rush of listening to it – our you can get yer ears round it yourself on the Soundcloud thing-ette.

“Made up entirely from Gately’s own snipped, processed and layered vocal lines, it’s explosive. The opening hums quickly develop into a loudening dissonance, suddenly snapping into a series of surreal marches and chants littered with tick-tock rhythms, and saturated with a nightmarish peril. Perhaps it’s her experiences with video editing, but Pipes is the year’s best example of mind-numbing aural extrapolation, and Katie Gately’s destined for further greatness. Let’s hope she doesn’t jump on the inevitable plane to Reykjavik to start pumping out ethereal new age bullshit.”

Read the full initial review of Pipes here.






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