Braeyden Jae: Switches

Heligator Records download

This digital only single from Salt Lake City-based produced Braeyden Jae is a chunk of hypnotic rumble that nestles nicely in the intersection between abstract drones and a shoegaze oriented post-rock.

In contrast to the mournful slices of golden, timestretched sound that made up his Heaven House cassette on Patient Sounds, Switches is a more closed-in affair, a locked-groove snippet of something, guitars maybe, lovingly slathered in extended synth chortds and chunks of sonic debris.

It recalls William Basinski’s tape loop experiments, the hollow glassy echoes of Nocturnes as well as the more familiar crumbling decay of Disintegration Loops, in its intense focus on one or two sonic fragments.

But unlike Basinski’s occult manipulation, where the sounds seemingly morph and change by themselves over extended time periods, Switch resists this kind of temporal moulding, aiming for repetition rather than transformation. Jae’s main loop stays doggedly unchanged over the duration of the piece even as the synth chords underneath shift and the white noise chaff swirls around it.

As a result, listening to Switches is rather like observing a geological sample – an ancient hunk of lava perhaps – under examination, the planes of its rugged surfaces revealing new details as it is viewed from different angles. It’s a subtle combination of stasis and change that makes for an engaging tension.

After just six minutes it is over, too short perhaps for Brae to make the most of the possibilities of dislocation and immersion that the piece overs over a longer running time. A pleasing diversion, nevertheless.


Switches is available as a digital-only single from Heligator Records. All donations go directly to the Malindza Refugee Camp Library in Swaziland.

You can check out all the latest happenings at the Library


Braeyden Jae’s Bandcamp page

Heaven House cassette




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