CDR: Acid Waltz


Adaadat CD

Imagine you’re at the best house party in the universe. Everyone’s drunk, the music is loud, you’re dancing on the sofa, people are having sex in the broom cupboard. There’s a disco ball and a massive bowl of crisps in the kitchen that never seems to run out. As the alcohol courses through your veins and the music vibrates up your spine, you experience that blurry, euphoric, spinning feeling that means that everything is all right forever.

That’s the vibe that CDR, aka Japanese breakcore musician Hikaru Tsunematsu, whisks up with Acid Waltz. A hurtling, mashed melange of skullcrushing beats, bleeps and all sorts of out of control waveforms, all spliced together in a giddying sonic headrush. Occasionally the detritus of a recognisable track surfaces, as on Tsutsuji Kouen, where Lyn Collins’ much-abused Think break dances through the caffeinated haze of blowtorched data. And if the precision tooled bits and bleeps get corrupted into clipped, glitched artefacts in the process, well, let’s just play ‘em out anyway and watch people go apeshit for those serrated, misshapen forms.

As you might have guessed, for all its abrasiveness, Acid Waltz is a joyous experience, cross-referencing the communal joy of the rave with the can-of-worms digital maximalism of the hacker-auteur. The title track’s skittering bleeps, for example, unleash an untrammelled glee, as if Tsunematsu is drilling open his synths and software to let the unedited code pour out in a hedonistic release of energies. And on Acid 16, the dread-laden clatters of drum’n’bass burst forth with the power of an exploding sun, its blinding luminosity reducing everything to cinders even at the moment of utmost exhilaration.

There is the odd moment of melancholy – after all, the pangs of wistful reflection make those moments of sweat-drenched indulgence all the sweeter – as on For You, where chiming synth chords acts as gentle sandpaper to the track’s sharp edges. But for the most part this is a full-tilt brainblaster, its title less suggestive of genteel tea dances than an unstoppable lysergic fairground ride. Maximum party time.




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