The We Need No Swords podcast: Episode 2


Welcome and bienvenidos to Episode 2 of the We Need No Swords podcast!

More archive fever this week as I recover from a summer of lazing about and eating too much by listening to lots of deep sounds from the review pile. Expect the usual drones, groans, squelches and scrapes for your listening pleasure.

Listen to it on Mixcloud here and browse the tracklist below.

You can even listen to Episode 1 here if you’re so inclined.



Rick Parker and Li Diago: Posting Every 5 Minutes Can Teach You How to Be Yourself Without Acting (from Free World Music, Very Special Recordings, 2016)

Cop Fetish: Burning Earth (from Stone of Incest, Lurker Bias, 2015)

Cara & Mike Gangloff with the American Drone Orchestra: Interlude 2 (from Knock on Life’s Door, MIE, 2016)

Unfollow: Amen Curse (from Blue Twenty-One, Blue Tapes, 2016)

Charlie Ulyatt: In the End (from Dead Birds, 2016)

David Birchall / Colin Webster: Duo 2 (extract), from Gravity Lacks (Vernacular Recordings, 2016)

Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble + Jon Rose: Quartet (extract) from Auslanders Live in Berlin (Vernacular Recordings, 2016)

Enrique R. Palma: Contenance (extract, from Contenance, Organized Music from Thessaloniki, 2016)

Socrates Martinis: Under the Arches of Her Voice Resonate the Ringing of Bells and Airplanes’ Roar, from Under the Arches of Her Voice (Organized Music from Thessaloniki, 2016)

Luke Lund: Coulombin Saarto (Coulomb Blockade), from Katkos (Outage), Still Heat (2016)

Beachers: Honey You Can Drown Me Anytime (from I Wanna Be Your Wall, Czaszka Records, 2016)

Reet Maff’l: Is It Clear Yet? From That’ll Be (Bloxham Tapes, 2015)




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