We Need No Swords podcast: Episode 4 – Confront special


A Confront Recordings special this week, as we celebrate 20 years of Mark Wastell’s improvised music label with substantial extracts from several recent and upcoming releases (and one unreleased performance).

There are fewer tracks than usual. But these selections go deep, combining spartan melodicism, gritty noise and granular sonic explorations into an unparalleled exercise in focused improvisation. So pull up a cushion and switch your ears on.

If you like that, you can help Confront celebrate its two decades in person, at a five-hour show at the Hundred Years Gallery in east London. Details here:http://www.hundredyearsgallery.com/co…

And if you still want more, you can read my interview with label boss Mark Wastell here.


Tom Jackson / Ashley-John Long / Benedict Taylor / Keith Tippett – Four Quartets, extract (Confront Recordings, forthcoming)

Jeph Jerman / Tim Barnes – Goethe, extract (Confront Recordings 2016)

The Seen – Limehouse Town Hall, London 25.01.2015, extract (unreleased)

Yoni Silver / Mark Sanders / Tom Wheatley – NAX/XUS (Confront Recording, forthcoming)

The Sealed Knot – Trembling Shade, extract (Confront Recordings 2016)

Brian Chase & Andrea Parkins – Avalanche of Routes (Confront Recordings, forthcoming)




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