We Need No Swords podcast episode 7: Tombed Visions


A complement to our recent interview with Tombed Visions boss David McLean, this week’s podcast is devoted entirely to the label’s output. As well as extracts from their latest releases we’ve featured a few favourites from the TV back catalogue.

Tracklist below – dig in and enjoy the ride!

Read my interview with David here.

And if you like the sounds presented here, skeddadle over to the Tombed Visions bandcamp and grip some goodies.


Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra: Njoggentjinde (from Desimber, forthcoming 2016)

Jan Daelman/Dirk Serries/Thijs Troch: D (from Daelman/Serries/Troch, 2016)

I Have Eaten The City: Mannequin Gait (from Secret Paths, 2014)

The Ghost: Rub The Injured Limb (from The Hole, 2016)

Stushevatsya: Scouring Tines, (from Shards of the Sky, 2012)

Bad Body: Do You Know I Live? side B extract (from Do You Know I Live? 2015)

Weasel Walter: The Inevitable, side B extract (from The Inevitable, 2016)

Shepherds of Cats: Ride Into Semiotic Essence of Squirrel (from Shepherds of Cats with special appearance of Dariusz Błaszczak and Panelak, 2015)

Aging: I Swear I Saw Her Halo (from I Swear I Saw Her Halo, 2013)

Sam Andraea: A6 acoustic (breath, keys, mute), (from Solo, 2015)

Aging: Lit Too Soon Saloon (from Troubles? I Got A Bartender, 2014)

School House: We came from this Wasteland (from Herd, 2015)

Ex-Easter Island Head: A Curfew Tower – Movement 2 (from Two Commissions for Cassette Tape, 2014)

Joseph Quimby Jr: Loss (from Court, 2016)






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