We Need No Swords podcast episode 10: No Xmas


No lists, no best-ofs, no Christmas songs, no carols. No Xmas. Instead, some new-ish tunes and some slept-on favourites.

See you on the other side!


Lauren Sarah Hayes: Technoscribble, from Manipulation (Pan Y Rosas Discos, 2016)

Christine Ott: Hitu, La Grande Montagne, from Tabu (Gizeh Records, 2016)

Odie Ji Ghast & Otto Wilberg: Hi Hello Seabass, from Whatsappite (Slip, 2016)

Hey Colussus: I Am The Chiswich Strangler, from Dedicated to Uri Klangers (MIE, 2016)

Tom Challenger & Kit Downes: One, excerpt, from Black Shuck (Slip, 2016)

Dane Patterson: Wellness Center, excerpt (Power Moves Library, 2016)

Delphine Dora: Parallel World, extract (Power Moves Library, 2016)

Causings: Live on WKCR Sep 6, 2015, extract (Power Moves Library, 2016)

Nomade Riddim: Estética terceiro mundo (golden$hit version), from Nomade Riddim Volume 08 (2016)

Charlie Ulyatt: 10 Pins Of Light, from Do Not Forget Old Friends (2016)

Sloth Racket: Circling, from Triptych (Luminous Label, 2016)

Tomonori Nozaki: Decadence I, from Triptych (Forwind, 2016)

Svetlana Maraš: Aftermath, from Angry Ambient Artists Volume 2 (Forwind, 2016)

Letters of Utrecht: Sun Jaw, from Presence (Still Heat Recordings, 2016)

Steckdose: Berlin (extract), from Eurovision (Still Heat Recordings, 2016)


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