We Need No Swords podcast episode 12: Wild Silence


This week we go deep into the enchanted forest with a bewitching mix from Delphine Dora’s Wild Silence label.

Wild Silence describes itself as a ‘micro label launched by Delphine Dora to release her future solo and collaborative projects, and to release music from other artists she appreciates’.

This selection of upcoming releases and deep cuts from the back catalogue will transport you far from the ruins of the present, to places of solace and shadow.

Head over to mixcloud to listen and check the tracklist below.

Enjoy, and stay strong.


Lodz: The Wind That Shakes The Barley (forthcoming, 2017)

Delphine Dora & Bruno Duplant: Des étendues au loin (From Inner Fields, 2014)

Powerdove: Out On The Water / Paper Tiger (from Powerdove Live, 2016)

Transbluency: Never (from Transbluency, 2016)

Jackie Mc Dowell: Scrape Dirt Marrow (from New Blood Medicine, 2016)

Delphine Dora: All the Dead Dears (from Conversation Among The Ruins, 2013)

Mami Wata (Andie Brown & Sharon Gal):  Two (forthcoming, 2017)

Sophie Cooper: Palembang Hantu (from Our Aquarius, 2014)

Empty Vessel Music: The dead birdman catches a falling star on his frozen tongue (from There’s nobody hiding under the gorse bush, 2015)

Thollem: War Expected (from Dear Future, 2013)

Natalia Beylis: Green Bird Fountain At Desk (from Green Bird Fountain, 2016)

Krotz Strüder: The one, the other (from 15 Dickinson songs, 2016)

Richard Moult: Swallows (from Last Night I Dreamt of Hibrihtselle, 2015)

Monteisola: La Noyée (from Niebla, 2013)

Delphine Dora: No Words (from Près du coeur sauvage, 2015)




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