We Need No Swords podcast episode 13: Raw Tonk


We celebrate five years of marvellous clatter from improvised music label Raw Tonk this week, in an interview with label maestro Colin Webster and a wide-ranging mix from the label’s back catalogue.

Colin is also fantastic saxophonist in his own right and so we’ve also added a few highlights from his work with turntablist Graham Dunning and the earth-shaking vibrations of Dead Neanderthals.

In March, Colin and a bunch of Raw Tonk artists will be playing a series of birthday gigs, in London, Manchester, Belgium and the Netherlands. Check the label’s Facebook page for details: https://www.facebook.com/rawtonkrecords/

Get along and get involved!


Colin Webster’s interview runs throughout the mix.

Colin Webster/Mark Holub: No Hidden Depths, from Claw (Raw Tonk, 2012)

Dirk Serries: Futility Wraith Allegory from Etched Above the Bow Grip (Raw Tonk, 2016)

Colin Webster/Mark Holub: Mutty Gutter from Gutty Mutter (Raw Tonk, 2013)

Tapiwa Svose/Julian Chalabi: 2 from Bracket Bracket Bracket (Raw Tonk, 2014)

Skullfuck: Mosquitoes from Fireflies and Mosquitoes (Raw Tonk, 2016)

Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg: Part I from The Small Departs, The Great Approaches (Raw Tonk, 2016)

David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg: Low Level Curfew from Plastic Knuckle (Raw Tonk, 2016)

David Birchall: For The Third Time That Week She Asked Herself “What Would Emma Goldman Do?” from Soft Vowels (Raw Tonk, 2015)

Ma/ti/om: Till Havs/At Sea from Ashes (Raw Tonk, 2016)

Benedict Taylor/Anton Mobin: Evermore Bound from Stow|Phasing (Raw Tonk, 2014)

Colin Webster and Graham Dunning: Bodo Saltans x2000 from Invertebrata (Raw Tonk, 2014)

Colin Webster and Graham Dunning: Side A excerpt, from Oval (Tombed Visions, 2016)

Dead Neanderthals and Colin Webster: Prime (Gaffer Records, 2014)

Saxoctopus: Nebula from Saxoctopus (Raw Tonk, 2015)

Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle: A1 from The Firehouse Tapes (Raw Tonk, 2015)




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