We Need No Swords podcast 20: Waywords & Meansigns


James Joyce is in the house this week, as we talk to Derek Pyle, the curator of the Waywords and Meansigns project, an ongoing quest to set Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to music.

Derek gave us a 30-minute taster of the third edition of the project, which goes live on May 4. You can check it out here: http://www.waywordsandmeansigns.com/

For those Joyce-averse listeners, we have added a short section of other, non-Wake sonic explorations to sweeten the stew.




James Joyce: Finnegans Wake page 213 (Youtube rip)

John Cage: excerpt from an interview with Richard Kostelanetz about For the Third Time through Finnegans Wake” (Youtube rip)

John Cage: In the Name of the Holocaust, performed by Maria Donohue (Youtube rip)

‘Not all Joyce’ section

Cyril Bondi, Sèbastien Branche: And soon my work will all be done (Insub, 2017)

Monas: Invisible Nature, from Freedom (Astral Spirits, 2017)

BBBlood: Absent Lottery, from Delirium Cutlet Impaste, (Crow vs Crow Editions, 2017)

Waywords and Meansigns

Graziano Galati: page 66, line 28 to page 67, line 06

Derek Pyle: interview #1

Old Fiends: page 141, line 28 to page 142, line 29

Derek Pyle: interview #2

Maharajah: ‘Ann Alive’ (page 139, lines 15 to 28)

Brendan Kinsella and Brian Tyree: page 229, line 29 to page 230, line 25

Liz Longo: page 261, lines 17 to 30

Body Bender: Delays (page 308)

Barry Bender: To Old Sporty (page 312, line 17 to page 313, line 13)

The Most Ever Company: Muta & Juva (page 610 to page 611, line 02)

Wiel Conen & Charlotte Gilissen: excerpt

Neil Campbell: Calm Has Entered (page 534, line 07 to page 535, line 12)


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