We Need No Swords podcast episode 21: Graham Dunning


Expert turntablist, tape manipulator and Fractal Meat Cuts boss Graham Dunning takes over We Need Need No Swords this week for a corking mix of tracks from his label and other likeminded voyagers.

Trust me, it’s excellent. Enough said!


Coims: White Olives (The Gims, Bumtapes)
Bowditch: Kenco Coffee Tub (Southend Objectified, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Graham Dunning: Field Recordings of Dubplates (Dawn Into Dusk, Earshots Recordings)
Cremation Lily & Kevin Sanders: Heather, Shining Light (Falling Softly on the Heads Of Those Responsible, Strange Rules)
Colin Webster: Right Mandible (Antennae, Gaffer Records)
Monte Burrows: Zero Threshold (The Concentration of Brown Owls, Dinzu Artefacts)
C. Reider: Teil 1 (Chew Cinders, Midnight Circles)
Unknown marketing tape labelled “0905 754455”
Graham Dunning: Whispers of the Dead Side 2 (Whispers of the Dead, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Schuttle: Meed Trope (Home, Panatype)
Far Rainbow: Zero-T Problematics (No Medicine That Can Cure A Fool, Zero Wave)
Unknown marketing tape labelled “Catering For Success”
Ondness: Curare (Surf E Performance, Fort Evil Fruit)
Ian Stonehouse: Erasure of Birds (Voyage en KaleĢidescope, The Lumen Lake)
John Macedo: I Knew Her So Well (#59, Soundholes)
Voi Doid: Kumar Pt2 (Atman-Brahman, LOM)
Neil Cosgrove: Bady Acid Original Mix (Bum Montage, Conditional)
Belisha Beacon: A-Pathetic (This Is Fine, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Rosanne Robertson: Stem (Appendage & Bond, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Left Hand Cuts Off The Right: Martwy Cien (Menuthias, Self Released)
Blood Room: 500 Ely Wasp (Graham Dunning Remix) (Dendera Light, Sovn Records)
LBNHRX: R8 (OPA, Cleaning Tapes)
Masayuki Imanishi: Clips side A (Clips, Soft Error)
Ewa Justka: Horny 2 (Acid Smut, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Graham Dunning: Shim (Wound, Fractal Meat Cuts)



Original Graham Dunning photograph by Alex Zalewska.


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