We Need No Swords podcast 23: Petridisch vocaloid session


When I heard Petridisch’s amazing Classical Vocaloid cassette earlier this year, I was blown away by its mysterious retro-futurist vibrations. I couldn’t quite figure out how he was getting those dreamy, neo-anime sounds – was it synth, sampler, vocoder, or something else?

So I asked him to come on the show and talk us through his unique style of music-making. He also put together an exclusive mix of vocaloid and synth jams, which plays out in the second half of the programme. Thanks man!

But before that, there’s a short mix of recent experimental releases to get you in the mood. Enjoy!


Bold Oxide Lust: A Fondly If In, from A Fad, Then (2017)

Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley: Wish Me To Forget You, from The Blow, Volume 3 (Front & Follow, 2017)

Fischerle: Oktawon, from Post-functional Dub Objects (Czaszka Records, 2017)

Larkin Grimm: Keeping You Alive, from Chasing An Illusion (Northern Spy, 2017)

Rhys Bloodjoy: Aphrodite’s Mirror, from Love Is A Fucked-Up Object (Eggs In Aspic, 2017)

Chik White: Far Falls, from Raft Recordings from Economy (Notice Recordings, 2017)

Petridisch interview and Vocaloid session




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