BBBlood: El fin de semana me dejó fatal


Royal Sperm cassette

The BBBlood renaissance continues. The carefully assembled sonic collage of Absent Lottery, his contribution to last month’s Delirium Cutlet Impaste three-way, is followed by this grubby live tape released with authentic no-fi production values on Andy Bolus’s Royal Sperm label. ‘Caught live dishing out a finely chopped salad after a heavy week, cheap walkman style’ says the promo blurb and, true enough, its echoey muffle is reminiscent of a noise gig experienced from the bar ‘cos you couldn’t quite be arsed to get any closer. We’ve all been there, but you miss a BBBlood gig at your peril and, as a result, this does lack the punchy aggression of the Baron coming direct in your ear-holes, instead composting down to a lumpy sonic gruel whose thick mulch is dusted with broken glass. The title translates broadly as ‘the weekend has left me for dead’ and one should enjoy the snivelling abrasion herein as the aural equivalent of a crippling two-day hangover. Mardy tape slur vies with bottle bank crash, not to mention a rather unexpected horrorcore vocal snippet right at the end that rounds off this premium-level grot manipulation rather perfectly. The viscous slur of this C15 may be somewhat of an acquired taste – newbies might prefer to dip their toe in the water with 2014’s fine Live At Crater Lake – but as a stopgap while we aficionados wait for a more polished BBBlood outing, it’s most acceptable.



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