Kyle Motl: Transmogrification


Metatrope CD and download

Flowing, fibrous playing on this set of improvisations and pieces from San Diego-based bassist Kyle Motl. Check out Urrong, which sets feisty skittering squeals against aggressive thrums, or Gonx, with its queasily cycling repetitions and rubbery moans. Best of all is Phosphene Alpha, with its obsessive arco swipes that squeeze microscopic lyrical fragments from its sweltering heart.

“The music on this record is solo acoustic bass – there are no overdubs and there is no computer processing of the sound. On a few tracks, a pair of microphones aligned vertically on the bass are panned slightly apart in the stereo field, in order to highlight the polyphonic nature of the music, allowing a heightened sense of space.”

See him in action here:




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