We Need No Swords podcast episode 24: Andie Brown


Andie Brown is a sound artist and composer from London. She often performs as These Feathers Have Plumes, working primarily with glass and electronics.

I was honoured to hang out with Andie and talk to her about how she conjures up the rich sonic textures that characterise her amazing work. Andie also guided me through the set-up she uses for her live shows, and treated us to a wonderful improvisation to bring the episode to a close.

Cheers Andie!


Original Andie Brown photo by Dawid Laskowski.


Glass Heart, from Of Endings and Beginnings (Period Tapes, 2009)

Duet for Road Compactor, from These Feathers Have Plums/Isnaj Dui split (Was Ist Das? 2016)

All Cats Are Grey, from All Cats Are Grey By Night (Cae-Sur-A, 2011)

Vortex, from Corvidae (Tartaruga, 2010)

Don’t Wish Your Life Away, from Untitled (Sheepscar Light Industrial, 2013)

Soho Living Room (featuring Dale Cornish) from These Feathers Have Plums/Isnaj Dui split (Was Ist Das? 2016)

Mami Wata: After Callas, from s/t (Wild Silence, 2017)

Quiet Sun, Indian Summer, from s/t (Period Tapes, 2008)

Untitled improvisation (2017)


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