I contributed a spread of capsule reviews to the new TQ fanzine. The first set appeared in TQ3 in September 2017 – they’re reproduced here for your pleasure and convenience.

Find out more about TQ Zine at http://tqzine.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Monte Burrows: Skua (Falt cassette / DL)
Enigmatic collages of tape loops and field recordings, presented in grainy fidelity.
WNNS says: Songs of broken machines. Croaks from grey circuit, heaving upwards.

Aging: Suitable for Night (Tombed Visions cassette / DL)
David McLean’s jazz-noir group go deep and dark in their sophomore tape.
WNNS says: A double-tenor led descent into the depths. As heavy as a corpse in the pool.

Giovanni Lami: Hysteresis II (Czaszka (rec.) cassette / DL)
The second in a series of field-based reel-to-reel sound manipulations.
WNNS says: Exquisite decay. Loam and grit in ferric disorder. Come outside.

Ewa Justka: Acid Smut (Fractal Meat Cuts cassette / DL)
Longform technoid pulsations created from handbuilt electronics.
WNNS says: Diodes in rhythm. Sexmusik for noisepeople. Get up with it.

Cilantro: Borderland (Mikroton CD / DL)
Angélica Castelló and Billy Roisz mash accordion drones with abstract noise.
WNNS says: White goods hum over blurred signals. Oliveros in the dream house.

Katz Mulk: Husks (Singing Knives CD / DL)
Experimental Mancunian three-piece fuse dance, spoken word and gritty sonics.
WNNS says: Your voices echo through tunnels of lead. A spanner beats time on the wall.

Chik White: Raft Recordings from Economy (Notice Recordings cassette / DL)
Jaw harp improvisations, recorded on the northeast coast of the USA.
WNNS says: Tidal jaw-jaw. Woody slathers. Gasps and gulps. Watery twangs.


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