Hashtage Noizelife (TQ Zine 4)


Here are my capsule reviews for issue 4 of the excellent TQ fanzine, which came out in October 2017.

They’re reproduced here for your convenience. However, I’d urge you to subscribe to the mag itself – it’s a great publication, packed to the gills with loads of weirdo music stuff.

Find out more about TQ Zine at http://tqzine.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Daniel Kordik / James L Malone: Hit Me Earshots Recordings digital-only release
Modular synth and guitar duo breaks out the micro-improv argy-bargy.
WNNS says: Teeming bacterial soundscapes. The whole wide world in a drop of water.

W2: Fanatics (Astral Spirits cassette / DL)
Paint-stripping sax and electronics duo gives everything a bloody good kicking.
WNNS says: A videogame chewing a wasp. Rejigs your cortex and scrubs your lobes.

Early Hominids: 040117 (Self-released CDr)
Campbell & Walsh open the iron gates. Torrents of blasted electronics gush forth.
WNNS says: Contorted circuit galumph. Gripe water for the soul and diodes.

Kill Alters: No Self-Helps (Hausu Mountain cassette / CD / DL)
Bonnie Baxter shapes found-sound collages into wonky noise-pop disturbance.
WNNS says: Quests for self-realization, chased through a labyrinth of broken mirrors.

Aqua Dentata: One Day, You Will Be A Painter (self-released cassette)
Straight-edged drone minimalism extends the Aqua Dentata territory to new horizons.
WNNS says: Wiring diagrams reimagined as opalescent hallucinations. Limpid, opaque.

Maggi Payne: Crystal (Aguirre Records vinyl)
Archival brilliance in this reissue of Payne’s 1986 electro-acoustic opus.
WNNS says: Tundra swirls and impossible structures. Enigmatic like the weather.

Death In Scarsdale: Ruminations (Invisible City Recordings cassette / DL)
Further mysterious abstraction from Gateshead’s own dark portal.
WNNS says: Amalgam drones. Phasing molar rays, mumbling over a slate sky.

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