TQ Zine 9


My usual HASHTAG NOIZELIFE column appears in Issue 9 of the ever excellent TQ Zine, with capsule reviews of these pukka releases:

Arian Shafee: Beauty Tuning (Hausu Mountain cassette/DL)

Steph Horak: threehundredandsixtysix (Fractal Meat Cuts cassette/DL)

Lanuk: LI (Baba Vanga cassette/DL)

Sharon Gal & Alwin, Gregory/McGrory: Bedside Cabinet (Structured Disasters cassette/DL)

Several Wives: Blonde, Arms Tight Black (Tombed Visions cassette/DL)

Diurnal Burdens: Unguessed Silhouette (Self-released 3-inch mini CD/DL)

Luciano Lamanna: Sottrazione (Boring Machines Vinyl / DL)

Julie Tippets/Mark Wastell: Unravelling the Waterfall (Confront CD)

James O’Sullivan: IL Y A (Linear Obsessional CD/DL)




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