Miss Information: Sequence


Pioneer Press LP / download

Miss Information is the alias of Miho Hatori, the co-founder of food-rock band Cibo Matto, occasional member of Gorillaz and collaborator with a gaggle of artists and musicians on the fringes of the underground. Many of Hatori’s projects skew conceptual, and so it’s no surprise that ‘Sequence’ comes furnished with a knotty backstory that interrogates the gendered nature of technology while also musing on the similarities between the current online world and historical networks of exchange and communication such as the Silk Road.

If that all sounds a bit much to digest, Hatori’s tunes are the quite opposite, their riot of squiggly synths, ghostly vocal melodies and propulsive rhythms as smooth as a draft of liquid mercury (early highlight ‘Silk Road’ crams three absolute bangers into a single song, without ever losing its way). Hatori’s compositions combine a sense of physicality, evoking imaginary future metropolises in which races and species mingle in almost-harmony while simultaneously giving voice to the record’s eponymous, intangible spirit queen as she drifts through the matrix.

Sonically, there’s plenty in ‘Sequence’ for discerning fans of futurist pop music to take into their titanium hearts. The clumpy drums and languid vocals of ‘Rumi 1’ use the late 90s Bjork playbook as their launchpad, Hatori crooning “Today like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened … Don’t open the door to the study” before a burst of jagged static knocks everything off balance in fine style. And cuts such as ‘New Moon’ and ‘Sandstorm’ would easily hold their own against the hectic globalism of MIA or Transglobal Underground, the latter’s nagging mantras dancing across a rugged, syncopated backdrop of percussion while the latter is all viscous synth gloop and plucked string chatter.

The result is a record that is as idiosyncratic as it is enjoyable, Hatori using these stylistic pointers as flavours to whip up her unique and inexhaustible sonic stew.




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