Threes And Will / Deludium Skies split


Xtelyon Records CD and download

Estonian noise rock outfit Threes and Will and Austrian doom-mongers Deludium Skies serve up a bracing double-bill of psychic disorientation and bleak catharsis, wrapped in layers of distorted grot and reverberant heaviness. It came out a while back but, as a soundtrack for the subzero car-crash that we call everyday living, it’s still pretty fine, people.

Threes and Will’s saturated mess hits hard from the get-go. While initial exposure suggests some basement-dwelling harsh noise addict heading into oblivion, hungry ears will soon delve through the shortwave blare to find a hypnotic bass pushing freakoid guitar histrionics forward in sinister, leering propulsion. ‘Kraaipan’ is heady stuff, its downer guitar twangs and garbage-can splats coating its spiralling low-end in toxic mush. ‘Drowning In The Sinkhole’ sees atonal, wah-ing solos gulping round the room like Zappa after too much lentil stew and Merlot, as white-noise fuzz harmonics replace all remaining oxygen with grit and oil. Suck it and see, kids.

When Deludium Skies take up the baton, continuity is the order of the day, at least initially. Their opener ‘Quicksilver’ pairs minimal power chord jabs with sawtooth Duane Eddy riffs in claustrophobic excess. But even when they add drums and electronics, the oppressive mood remains. ‘Pavane’ plays a martial theme through plasticky synths and nails it to a massive echoey lurch, proper prog-rock fever-dream style. Even better is ‘The Seed Is Planted’,  in which standard grind-and-stomp gets weirded out by fizzling voltage bursts, in a move that accurately recreates the sensation of checking our your favourite band while a construction team rewires the very same room they’re playing in. Optimum migraine, maximum sickness.



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