Sergey Kostyrko & Jason Khan: Synchronised


Dinzu Artefacts cassette / LD

I’m a big fan of Jason Khan’s shapeshifting musical practice, veering as it does from loose-limbed drum workouts through full-throated vocal improv to guitar explorations as wild and brittle as bags of broken glass. But his wild, idiosyncratic take on electronics is what really gets me going and so this session with St. Petersburg’s Sergey Kostyrko lands slap-bang in the centre of my comfort zone.

At times recalling the hectic dust-ups of ‘Valentine’, Khan’s 2014 duo with Phil Julian, ‘Synchronised’ for the most part displays a skew-whiff majesty entirely of its own. No messing, these scruffbag jams are smeared and itchy from the get-go. After a quick fade-in, opener ‘On!’ wraps drizzles of shortwave crackle round plaintive whines before resolving themselves into bleary engine-room bustle and clank. It’s good gear, alright, setting an admirable tone of scrappy propulsion that persists for the next half an hour or so.

As to what’s producing these blurts of clump and whistle, well I suspect there’s quite a lot of modular palaver going on to produce those abstract clouds, although occasionally more straightforward synth business cuts through the steam and gravel. ‘Stop’ adds grumpy sine tones into the hectic mix, their steely blankness floating above the airy grit as if attempting to fence in an escaping gas. And ‘Sea A Little Louder’ slathers cavernous, metallic echo all over its second half, injecting technoid menace into the flustered whirlwind, before things slowly conk out in exhausted splutters of needlework splinters and twinkling bleeps.



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