We Need No Swords is, tentatively, resuming operations. We will attempt to post regular(ish) reviews of almost-current material, the challenges of everyday life permitting.

Although we can’t guarantee a review (see above) We Need No Swords is always keen to hear new sounds. If the welter of caveats on this page hasn’t put you off, please send submissions to pmargree@gmail.com or via Twitter.

We Need No Swords is particularly interested in hearing material from artist of colour, or who identify as female or non-binary. Artists from outside the conventional hubs of experimental music (London, New York, Berlin, etc.) are also of interest.

We will try our best to listen to everything we receive, and we appreciate the continuing efforts of artists, musicians and practitioners everywhere who are striving to find new ways of sonic expression.

However, for up-to-the-minute reviews of the latest cutting-edge releases, or finely judged hot takes on issues in experimental music, please look elsewhere. Apparently The Wire is very good.

December 2017



  1. Hi, my name is Ryan Hall. I run a small, digital-only label called Heligator Records. I recently released a compilation and a single I think you would be interested in. The compilation is by Lake Mary who has released albums with Scissor Tail Editions, Wounded Knife, etc… Visit is a ten track compilation of SLC/Denver based artists in a variety of disciplines. Here is the link:


    The second release is a single by Cincinnati-based Drone musician Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! called “Around A” .


    Let me know if you would be interested in covering these releases and I can supply you with DL codes. Thanks!

    Ryan Hall

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