A manifesto, of sorts:

We Need No Swords is place to write about sound on the fringes or under the radar. Experimental music, whatever that means these days. The remnants of the avant garde. Noise. Drones. Improvisation. Instruments under pressure. Instruments that aren’t instruments.

The focus is on things that aren’t always visible elsewhere (although lots are). Netlabel gurus. Bandcamp pioneers. CD-r heroes. Cassette ninjas. Some of it is free, some is nearly free and some ain’t free at all.

No audience? Perhaps, perhaps not. But I’m here, and you’re here. That’s a start, right?

The real story:

I’m making this up as I go along. Learning to listen, then learning to write about it. A work in progress.

The real, real story:

Oh go on then. We Need No Swords is run by Paul Margree. Hello. There’s no plan (see above) – well, not much (see above).

I listen to everything I can, so if you think I’d like something, send it to me, digitally at: pmargree@gmail.com or physical stuff to 22 Bedford Road, London, N2 9DA. No guarantees, mind.


  1. Hi, my name is Ryan Hall. I run a small, digital-only label called Heligator Records. I recently released a compilation and a single I think you would be interested in. The compilation is by Lake Mary who has released albums with Scissor Tail Editions, Wounded Knife, etc… Visit is a ten track compilation of SLC/Denver based artists in a variety of disciplines. Here is the link:


    The second release is a single by Cincinnati-based Drone musician Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! called “Around A” .


    Let me know if you would be interested in covering these releases and I can supply you with DL codes. Thanks!

    Ryan Hall

  2. hello ,

    My name is Matthew Adams and im partly to blame for Wasp Millionaire Records ! we have a new release about to come out from ‘medio-core’ hero ‘Craig Scott’s Lobotomy’ and wondered if you would care to hear it ? just give me a shout at press@waspmillionairerecords.com and il fwd the streaming link.


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