We Need No Swords podcast: Episode 5


And we’re back! A slightly longer break than usual, but we have lots of good stuff for your ears.

Head over to mixcloud to have a listen, and check the tracklist below.



IMF – Harlem Electronics (Pilgrim Talk, 2016)

Iris Garrelfs – Surface Tension, from Kinka-zan (Risaikuru Remixed), (Linear Obsessional, 2016)

Headboggle – In Dual Mono, excerpt (Hausu Mountain 2016)

Louie Rice – 33, from 33/45 (Organized Music from Thessaloniki, 2016)

Missing Organs – Second Interview, from Weakness Is A Great Thing (A Giant Fern, 2016)

Yes Blythe – TØNAL, from Arieto (Invisible City Recordings, 2016)

Yes Blythe  Bertôia, from Prepared Rhodes/Unknown (Tombed Visions, 2016)

Nick Jonah Davis – The Peace of the Running Water, from House of Dragons (Thread Recordings, 2016)

elizabeth veldon – charlie is taking a bath in abie loch and the sun is dancing, from for charlie and ibrahim that they lie in the same grave (self-released, 2016)

Bobby Kapp & Matthew Shipp – Snow Storm Coming, from Cactus (Northern Spy, 2016)

Ilia Belorukov and Lauri Hyvarinen – Yarn, from Drupe (Pan y Rosas, 2016)

Lockbox – Aurora Rat, from Demonoid (Hausu Mountain, 2016)

Tiger Village – Imaji, from Tiger Village VI: Effective Living (Hausu Mountain, 2016)

Louie Rice – 45, from 33/45 (Organized Music from Thessaloniki, 2016)



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