We Need No Swords podcast: episode 8


Lots more swoosh and mulch this week to abrade your sound receivers… check the tracklist below and turn your antennae to the vroomiest setting. Enjoy!


Chik White: Askasker, from Malform (self-released 2016)

Rainbow Island: Zhiliu Pond, from Distant Future Association Sampler Vol.1 (Distant Future Association Sampler, 2016)

Oneida & Rhys Chatham: The Mabinogian, Oneida version, from What’s Your Sign? (Northern Spy, 2016)

Machinefabriek: Crumble, extract (self-released, 2016)

Seabuckthorn: Seen As A Black Road, from I Could See The Smoke (Lost Tribe Sound, 2016)

Ocathail: You Should See the Sun, from Ocathail/Hastío (Power Moves Library, 2016)

Magnetic Ghost: Total Eclipse of the Sun, from Loss Molecules (self-released, 2016)

Borbetomagus: DIS, extract, from The Eastcote Studios Session (Dancing Wayang, 2016)

Grey Guides: Just Burned Down a Care Home, from Beast Mask Supremacist (Crow Vs Crow, 2016)

Okkyung Lee and Christian Marclay: Amalgam, extract (Northern Spy, 2016)

Sister/Body: Ring of Fire, from Spells (Baba Vanga, 2016)

Luong Hue Trinh: Return ii, extract, from Illusions (Pan Y Rosas Discos, 2016)

Jake Blanchard: Pigment I, from Colour Discolour (Eiderdown Records, 2016)

Bird People: On The Lake At Sunrise pt.2, extract, from Down Of The Hamsa (Eiderdown Records, 2016)




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