We Need No Swords podcast episode 17


Another round-up of underground hits, this time with an awkward intro from me.


Monte Burrows: Sawtooth, side B excerpt, from Sawtooth (Castle Bravo, 2017)

Chera Nemiraghsi: Viguen, from CD-r of Iranian 45’s compiled by Rhid Williams in aid of ME research, 2017

Arto Lindsay: Vao Queimar Ou Botando Pra Dancar, from Cuidado Madame (P-Vine Records, 2017)

Lottie Brazier: Take A Bow (unreleased)

Daniel Bennett: Mint, from Roil (Organised Music from Thessaloniki, 2017)

Powerdove: Impact, from Powerdove live (Wild Silence, 2017)

Mami Wata: Two, from s/t (Wild Silence, 2017)

A.F. Jones & Steve Flato: Stress Tensors, from More Eaze/A.F. Jones & Steve Flato split cassette (Astral Spirits, 2017)

T.J. Borden & Steve Flato: Complex Carbohydrate, from In The Garden Of Eating (self released, 2017)

Tatyana Dorjin & Maria Beltsgyn: Biihin Ice/ Narmin Sanchr, from An Introduction to Ored Recordings, Pt. 1- Song (Death Is Not The End, 2017)

Ripsaw Catfish: Mud, from Namazu (Raw Tonk, 2017)

Bottle Tree: After The End, from s/t (International Anthem,2017)

Klein: Elders at Work, from Lagata (self-released, 2016)

Design A Wave: No Disgrace, from Perfecta Bum (Bezirk Tapes, 2017)

Gareth J.S. Thomas: I Drove All Night, from Cruising Hits (Bezirk Tapes, 2017)

Helicopter Quartet: Seanet, from The Birds Discover Fire (self-released, 2017)


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