The We Need No Swords podcast: Episode 1


The inaugural episode of our new podcast is now available on Mixcloud! Listen and enjoy , and have a squizz at the tracklist below the widget.

For this first show, I’ve focused on stuff that’s turned up in the We Need No Swords postbag over the past six months or so, but which I haven’t quite had the time to write about on the blog. Messy stuff, jazzy stuff, droney stuff, noisey stuff, electronic stuff. You know the drill.

Future shows will be a bit less… archival. But in the meantime, put the kettle on, sit back and relax as you listen to just under an hour of totally abrasive, out-there sounds.



East of the Valley Blues: Rantas (extract), from EOTVB (self-released, 2016)

Robert Ridley Shackleton: Easy Tiger, No Cardz 4 U (extract), from Lee Riley/Robert Ridley-Shackleton split (Structured Disasters, 2016)

Left Hand Cuts Off the Right & Graham Dunning: Rat’s Nest (extract), from Rat’s Nest (self-released, 2016)

Ma/ti/Om: Trädet Och Skyn – The Tree and the Sky, from Ashes (Raw Tonk, 2016)

Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor, David Leahy: 15 Square Knot, from Making Rooms (Weekertoft, 2016)

Ryoko Ono & Roger Smal: Track 05, from Woodmoon (Toztizok Zoundz / Jvtlandt 2016)

Richard Scott: Marble Genetics, from Several Circles (Cusp Editions, 2016)

Steve Flato: This is our last cry before our eternal silence, (eternal mix, extract), from This is our last cry before our eternal silence (2016)

Tag Cloud: A Rising Tide, from A Footnote of Sorts, (Foundtapes, 2015)

Solaris: The Blasted Heath, from Summer Edits (Linear Obsessional, 2016)

Subterraneanact & Machinefabriek: Kayos (from Persistent Objects, 2016)

IXTAB: Aluxes, from Alea (Bezirk Tapes, 2016)

Troy Schafer: Untitled No. 4 – Side A (extract), from Untitled No. 4

Theo Alexander: Fixations Part IV, from Fixations (2015)


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