The We Need No Swords podcast Episode 3


On this week’s episode, we’ve stepped away from our usual scraping grind and into slightly more mellow territory. We’ve got some gorgeous astral travelling courtesy of the marvellous Inner Islands label, followed by a whole bunch of artists exploring song forms in various cosmic ways.

There’s also some eerie minimalism from Notice recordings, muddy thrash from Estonia, mosh-jazz from Forebrace and vintage industrial electronics from 1980s Czechoslovakia.

Head over to Mixcloud for a listen and check out the tracklist below.

Thanks for listening. Big up to anyone who has accompanied us on our journey so far. And to new listeners – dive in, you’ll love it!



Sun – Matthew Barlow from Hatha (Inner Islands, 2016)

Luminescence – Inner Travels,  from Clear Seeing (Inner Islands, 2016)

Jewelled Moon – Kyle Landstra, from Jewelled Moon Codex (Inner Islands, 2016)

Excrutiating Circumstances – Chris Strickland, from Excruciating Circumstances in the Kingdom of Ends (Notice Recordings 2016)

In The Neck of Time – Chris Strickland (s/t, Notice Recordings 2016)

Field Lines – Nick Storring, from Exaptations (Notice Recordings 2016)

Alpha Centuri – Delphine Dora, from Le Fruit de Mes Songes (Bezirk 2016)

The Long Man – Petrels, from Jord (Denovali 2016)

Hundiseaduse aegu – Threes And Will, from Teemanttee (Bada Bing 2016)

Planetismals – Forebrace (from Steeped, 2016)

The one, the other – Krotz Struder (15 Dickinson Songs, Wild Silence 2016)

Cats are sleeping – Natalia Beylis, from Green Bird Fountain (Wild Silence 2016)

Track 07 – Quarantaine from Lichtempfindlich! (Baba Vanga 2016)


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