We Need No Swords podcast 6: Radio Free Midwich takeover


This week we present a fantastic in-depth chat with Rob Hayler, guru–in-chief of the excellent Radio Free Midwich blog and creator of many fine noise and drone works under the Midwich moniker.

Recorded at last month’s Tusk Festival in Gateshead, Rob briefed me on his journey through the weird and wonderful world of the no-audience underground, giving me the lowdown on how he came to set up Radio Free Midwich, highlighting some of the artists who influenced him and pointing out some of the people currently floating his boat at RFM HQ.

Interspersed with Rob’s words are a few tasty titbits from the incredibly wide vista of sounds and artists that RFM has covered over the years, as well as a couple or three of Rob’s own tunes.

It was a total pleasure to hang out with Rob – and almost as much fun to put this episode together. A massive thanks to Rob, and a huge big up all of the RFM crew!


Xazzaz: Obit, extract (2014)

Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper: The Former Residents (from Distance Future, Was Ist Das? 2015)

Neck Vs.Throat: Heritage Graffiti (from Vol 3, self-released, 2016)

Midwich: Latency Problems (from Blisterpack, Bells Hill, 2016)

Hardworking Families: Illy Alley (from BA / LS / BN, Beartown Records, 2016)

Midwich: Room Weather (from Blisterpack, Bells Hill, 2016)

Delphine Dora: Le monde à l’envers (from L’au-delà, Fort Evil Fruit, 2015)

Culver/Courtis: U Tex, extract (from Culver-Courtis, Riot Season, 2008)

Ashtray Navigations: My Life in the Bush of Tories (from Ashtray Navigations presents The Mechanical Abrasions of…, Volume Two, 2016)

Neil Campbell: Blues for Sadneck, extract (Structured Disasters, 2016)

Chrissie Caulfield: Bin Night (from Carriageworks, self-released, 2016)

Posset: The Gratitude Vest, extract (Invisible City Recordings, 2016)

Marlo Eggplant: WMTHBDMM (forthcoming, 2017)

Daniel Thomas: Decay Part Two (from Dust and Shadow, Cherry Row Recordings, 2016)

Joined By Wire: Midsomer Titan (from Two Thousand and Fifteen, self-released, 2015)

The Skull Mask: Ojos Viperinos from (La Muerte Es Sabia, Invisible City Recordings, 2016)

The Skull Mask and Midwich: Five Angles (from Six Angles, Hairdryer Excommunication, 2014)

Stuart Chalmers: Celestial (from Imaginary Musicks Vol.5, Invisible City Recordings, 2016)


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