We Need No Swords podcast episode 9: The Posset Tapes


We are truly honoured to welcome Dictaphone masher POSSET (human name: Joe Murray) into We Need No Swords HQ this week for a positively screed audio mulchup.

The Posset biography is explored and the secrets of tape-hewing are mulled over in a grafty collage that combines Murray’s very own vocal wallop with choice dispatches from the gloom of his personal archive.

Topping and tailing Joe’s specific transmission is the usual burp of experimental and out-there sounds, arranged herein for your listening pleasure by yours truly.



Léonore Boulanger & Maam-li Merati:  Dastgah-e Shur (Tasnif-e Ey Aman), from Le Maison d’Amour (Okraïna, 2016)

Dadala: If I Remember, from It So Happens (Pan Y Rosas Discos, 2016)

Quicksails: Valley Voice, from Mortal (Hausu Mountain, 2016)

Cop Tears: Harmony 21 (Heath – William Billings), from 13 Harmonies (Reading Group, 2016)

Posset: Gratitude Vest, extract (invisible City Recordings 2016)


Wee Poem (unreleased)


Gratitude Vest, extract

The Birth of Posset

Fanzine Jam One, extract (unreleased)

Tapes are good…

Fanzine Jam One, extract (unreleased)

..Dictaphones are better

Er eh oh (unreleased)


Sweet drone (unreleased)


Savyon Recording (unreleased)

Soft and intense

Gratitude Vest, extract


Foul water (unreleased)


THF Drenching: Beech Nuts and Meats, from Tin Ear Wearable Partnership Specification (self-released 2016)

THF Drenching

Duncan Harrison & Dylan Nyoukis: Jeer Sabbath, from The Great Many Necked/Jeer Sabbath (Banned Productions, 2014)

Duncan Harrison

Er eh oh (redux)

Computer editing

Upcoming releases

Sindre Bjerga and Posset: Relax, A Plan is Just A Plan, from Jazz Hands Bloody Jazz Hands (SOUND HOLES, 2016)


Wee poem (redux)


Stuart Chalmers, Michael Rodham-Heaps: Heavenly Morphic Collider, from Ecstatika (Feral Tapes, 2016)

Catherine Lamb: Curvo Totalitas, performed by Yarn/Wire, from Currents Vol. 4 (2016)

Kamura Obscura: Tukimi No Enn, from Speleology (Linear Obsessional, 2016)

Dean McPhee: Avian Dream Songs – The Blackbird, from Devon Folklore Tapes V – Ornithology (Folklore Tapes, 2016)



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